5G Set to Transform the Sports Industry, Vodafone Research Suggests

5G Set to Transform the Sports Industry, Vodafone Research Suggests

The network leaders in the sports industry, Vodafone, are set to transform the sports industry through 5g.

Research published by Vodafone at the start of this year informs us that 5G will drive new exciting experiences for sporting fans online.

The 5G train choo choos into the sporting world

This research was carried out by Vodafone to further understand the thoughts, feelings and opinions that business leaders and decision-makers have regarding 5G broadband and capabilities in the sports industry.

The discoveries Vodafone found were:

  • 76% have said they have already decided to use 5G as a tool to innovate their daily operations.

  • 75% believe 5G will allow them to meet fans' expectations of modern exciting sporting experience.

  • 76% believe that 5G will have a greater impact on fans' sporting experience than 4G did when 4G was first rolled out. This will be thanks to the expected 100x speed of 5G compared to 4G. These decision-makers also believe that 5G will ultimately lead to higher fan engagement and interaction through video live streams, real-time statistics and updates and mixed reality experiences (virtual reality, augmented reality and more).

Anne Sheehan, Director of Vodafone Business UK, said:

“Sport is an area where 5G technology will have a huge impact. It has the potential to transform the fan experience; change the way sports organisations operate, open up new revenue opportunities; and help athletes improve their fitness and training programmes.”

It is easy to overlook the potential that 5G capabilities will offer the sporting industry and world, however, when you consider the incredible rise of sport live streams, real-time reactions from influencers and pundits and statistics and updates, the inevitable faster and more interactive speeds can only lead to more dramatic and enjoyable moments for sports fans across the globe.

This research highlighted that fan experience is not the only thing at the front of sports decision makers' minds:

  • 30% focus on innovation in the industry.

  • 30% on player performance in the industry.

  • 27% on talent in the industry.

5G and its capabilities will also offer solutions and answers to these priorities due to the speed and reliability of 5G which will open doors for further innovation to the sporting world.

To conclude, it is incredibly positive to see a collective positivity around 5G and an attitude of embrace towards it in the sporting world.